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Learn to grow your business with Technology Commercialisation Consider the IPI Technology Commercialisation Workshop. (12 - 13 Sep 2019). Or the IPI Open Innovation Workshop (19 - 20 Sep 2019).


IPI Technology Commercialisation Workshop

IPI Technology Commercialisation Workshop is engaging interactive educational

With increasing attention on generating returns from R&D investment, there is a growing interest to understand the role of technology transfer, mechanisms and best practices to bring Intellectual Property (IP) to market.
The workshop on Technology Commercialisation offers a practice-oriented and hands-on approach to commercialising new technologies. The course takes participants through a step-by-step process of evaluating new technologies or inventions, understanding the form and merits of different IP protection, familiarising with different go-to-market strategies as well as understanding technology valuation and licensing.

Different types of research collaboration and IP models will be discussed to support industry, university and/or government agency collaboration. Using real-life case studies, the course will provide rich insights into the challenges in technology commercialisation and offer practical tips, tools and platforms to support successful commercialisation.

This is a hands-on workshop. Please bring along your internet-accessible laptops for both days as practical assignments will be carried out during the sessions. Wifi access will be available.

Our Objectives

Intellectual Property

Acquire the basics of Intellectual Property

Technology Transfer

Gain an understanding of technology transfer and IP commercialisation

IP Valuation

Understand the methods used in IP valuation

IP Tools

Leverage tools and platforms to analyse IP

Technology Evaluation

Apply the knowledge in evaluating new technologies

IP Mindset

Nudge your organisation towards an innovation mindset

and more...

12 - 13 Sep 2019 (Thu/Fri)
The venue will be announced soon.

Officers/Managers in R&D or innovation and enterprise management as well as Tech Transfer Managers who need to review technologies or are promoting/involved in the commercialisation of technologies and IPs.

Special discounted rate of SGD$900 is available for Singapore government agencies, SMEs and public research institutes.


These topics will be covered in this workshop.

Introduction to Open Innovation

You will gain an overview of the types of intellectual property and rights and understand the fundamental concepts of intellectual property management.

Essentials of Technology Transfer & Management

This module introduces you to the role of Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs) and how a TTO oversees the IP creation, protection, management and commercialisation of IPs from R&D investment. Basic US Bayh-Dole law and how it influences many TTO practices will be explained. An overview of local and international TTOs will be also be presented over a discussion on the performance and metrics of TTOs.

Evaluation of New Technologies

Learn about the basics of assessing the commercial potential of an invention of technology disclosure, the due-diligence process and tools to support decision making in IP protection and commercialisation.

Essential Tools for IP & Technology Marketing

The module provides you with an overview of technology marketing. It covers the essentials of preparing an effective write-up of a Technology Offer (Tech Offer) and the objectives of technology-industry matching events, and highlights opportunities in the virtual and physical IP technology marketplaces.

Patent Analytics Using Software Tools

Patents have been associated with protecting R&D investments from competition. Studying and analysing global patents provide good insights into innovation, new entrants and competitors, amongst others. This module introduces various software tools that will enable you to conduct patent due diligence and discusses steps in developing an effective search strategy and management of patent analysis.

Understanding Industry & University Research Collaboration Models

This module covers the interfacing between the industry and universities or Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) in research collaboration. It highlights various collaboration models, treatment of IPs under different funding and sponsorship schemes.

Essentials of IP Licensing

Learn about the key components in a technology transfer agreement or IP licensing. These may include licensed rights and grants, consideration and payment, reports and audit, indemnities and warranties, terms and termination, etc.

Introduction to Technology Valuation

This module provides you with a basic understanding on the value of IP and technology in business and how value is extracted from its IP. It gives an overview of IP valuation methods where you can gain a deeper appreciation into the challenges and opportunities in IP valuation.


Here is the outline of our 2-day program.

Day 1 (Thu 12 Sep 2019)

  • Introduction to Open Innovation
  • Essentials of Technology Transfer and Management
  • Evaluating New Technologies
  • Essential Tools for IP & Technology Marketing

Day 2 (Fri 13 Sep 2019)

  • Patent Analytics using Software Tools
  • Understanding Industry & University Research Collaboration Methods
  • Introduction to Technology Evaluation
  • Essentials of IP Licensing

Coffee Breaks will be provided


Meet our capable and experienced trainers from IPI.

Dr Sze Tiam Lin

Dr Sze Tiam Lin

Senior Director
Dr Sze is the Senior Director of IPI, an affiliate of Enterprise Singapore set up to catalyse and enable enterprises to grow their business through technology and innovation. Prior to IPI, Dr Sze held several Senior Vice President appointments at Exploit Technologies (now A*ccelerate), the commercialisation arm of Agency for Science, Technology and Research. He was involved in IP management and strategy, technology intelligence and competitive intelligence, licensing and commercialisation of new technologies.

He has successfully commercialised technologies ranging from infocomm, manufacturing, semiconductors, materials, chemicals, nanotechnologies to medical devices. He has facilitated over hundreds of research collaboration and licensing agreements. Dr Sze is a Certified Licensing Professional (CLP) with Licensing Executive Society (US & Canada) and a former council member of the Licensing Executive Society (LES), Singapore.

Dr Sze holds a Ph.D. and B.Eng in Automatic Control & Systems Engineering from the University of Sheffield, UK and attended an executive program in Strategic R&D Management at INSEAD, Fontainebleau.

Mr Michael Goh

Mr Michael Goh

Deputy Director
Michael is responsible for the Energy & Environment, Materials & Chemical and Manufacturing clusters at IPI. He has been involved in providing advisory on IP management and technology commercialization.

Prior to IPI, Michael was a Deputy Director at the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS), where he worked with public agencies to develop IP management capabilities. Before joining IPOS, Michael held various positions in Exploit Technologies (now A*ccelerate), where the last position he held was Assistant Vice President, Science & Engineering Commercialisation. Before joining Exploit Technologies, Michael spent eight years as a project manager of defence-related projects.

Michael possesses a M.Phil and B.Eng in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Manchester Institute of Science & Technology (UMIST).

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